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Summer Perfumes To Try Now

We aren't perfume experts by any means, but we like to pretend we are. Through our fragrance research, we've learned more about the perfume oil ratio to the amount of water mixed with that oil. The more expensive perfumes generally have a higher perfume oil ratio. Or sometimes it just more expensive due to the brand name.

Along and along we have been trying more scents, like Glossier You or KKW Fragrance. Since it's summertime we figure it's time to be a bit more experimental and get more summer-oriented scents. Yay — time to try out a lot of perfume testers!!

Keep reading to see if you're interested in some of these floral, sandalwood, and fruity scents below.

1. Coconut Eau Du Parfum

Coconut Eau Du Parfum, $18, Sundays Forever NYC

This Coconut Eau Du Parfum from Sundays Forever just seems like summer in a bottle honestly. We can't help but think of coconut scents and sunscreen when we think of this season. According to the brand's website the perfume has notes of "toasted coconut, a touch of fig, yellow orchid, vanilla flower, sandalwood, orris root, soft musk, and a tiny hint of citrus zest for sparkle." Sooo in other other words perfection. Before you commit to buying an entire bottle Sundays Forever offers a sample bottle for only $18 to give the scent a try. We love that idea of getting to almost try before you buy. We can't help but wonder is this going to be our scent of Summer '18?!?

2. Glossier You

Glossier You, $60 (save 20% with Augusta's link), Glossier

Glossier You is always a classic. This is Augusta's personal scent now. And she recently bought me Glossier You Solid; which by the way is the perfect size to keep in your purse whenever you need a scent refresh. Read more why we love this perfume in our review here or shop the product with a 20% discount here!

3. Petal Crush Fragrance Dabber

EDP Perfume Dabber, $14, Urban Outfitters

We love the idea of scents that can be used on-the-go. This is easy enough to stow away in a bag and use wherever your summer adventures take you!

4. Body and Hair Shimmer Oil

Bronze Goddess, $45, Estée Launder

This hair and body spray has a light scent and a bronze shimmer. So um it's time to purchase and say hello to that summer glooww!

5. Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom, $112, Bloomingdale's

You can't go wrong with Gucci. Floral notes will make you smell great for any summer occasion. Beach party in the Hamptons or a coffee date in the city, you'll be smelling like a flower goddess.

6. Côte Des Palmes

Gourmand EDP Fragrance, $18, Urban Outfitters

Palm trees and melon mix in this perfume. Now you just need a watermelon drink to accompany your new perfume.

7. Ocean Perfume

Ocean, $34.50, Bath & Body Works

We always love going into Bath & Body Works and spending a few hours in there. Smelling everything, washing our hands with all of the soaps,etc. Plus how perfect that there is literally a perfume called "Ocean?" It fits right in with our summer theme perfectly.

Start testing these bad boys out now. One can never have too many perfumes.

Images: Courtesy brands (6); L & L Orignal (1)

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