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Cop Rihanna's F/W18 Gucci Look

Rihanna recently attended the Gucci Wooster Launch event in this outfit. A new Soho Gucci store is here!! Gucci can really do no wrong in our book. The same goes for Rihanna!! Her look in one word is just... perfection. Since I (Darby) am living in NYC now I can't help but love the Yankee jacket, showing love for the current home team! And who knew sports could be so chic?!

The outfit mixes sporty with Victorian. The jacket features lace and puffy sleeves. Leave it to Rihanna to mix not just fashion but time periods effortlessly. We don't think of ourselves as people that would normally wear camo, but Rihanna is definitely making us reconsider.

Shopping pieces for this look is fairly simple. We found similar satin pants, shoes, the bag, the hat, and even the necklace. The Gucci jacket is one of a kind, but we did find a vintage inspired Yankee jacket that is really cool. You'll be cool and have that Gucci/Rihanna vibe in the outfit we styled below. Happy shopping!!

1. The Jacket

Okay, this isn't Gucci status but it is really cute to re-create this outfit. I mean if you can't get Gucci level without just buying Gucci. The jacket also mimics the warm-up attire the Yankess wore in 1988, that's a really cool detail.

2. Satin Camo Pants

Dreamer Satin Camo Jogger, $38, Sanctuary Clothing

The Labels and Lacquer girls don't typically go for camo. But when Rihanna wears satin camo print, we WANT to wear it too.

3. The Gold Chain

This simple chunky gold chain is just what the outfit needed. Bonus, it's only $28!

4. Sheer Bodysuit

Caged Mesh Bodysuit, $28, Forever 21

This bodysuit is similar to Rihanna's and is going provide coverage but still show off the lace bralette underneath.

5. The Lace Bralette

We think Rihanna we approve of this lace number.

6. The Lace Heel

This heel has lace details just like our girl Rih Rih has.

7. Yankee Hat

Women's Yankee Hat, $19.99, MLB shop

Sporty chic! This Yankee hat is was very easy to source!

8. The Mini Bag

Cross Body Bag, $122, ASOS

A mini bag finishes the look off! It's just the perfect size to hold all of the essentials.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: gucci/Instagram (1); Courtesy brands (8)

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