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The Perfect Outfit For A Spring Picnic

The L & L girls both live in places that colder climates in the winter. It takes a few weeks for it to actually start feeling like spring outside. That being said, nothing sounds quite as nice as going to a park and having a picnic all day long. We also love to dress according to theme. So we decided to choose an ensemble fit for basking in the sun on a blanket.

When we think picnic– gingham first comes to mind. Probably because we imagine laying on a gingham blanket. It's just a classic print that is always in style, too. Then you need sunglasses and shoes that are easy to slip on and off, you'll definitely be barefoot most of the time. Then last but not least, we are thinking a wicker purse. It reminds us of the basket that will be carrying all of the snacks.

Just writing this we can feel our toes in the grass and sun casting down on us. We are sooo ready to live it up this spring.

1. The Gingham Dress

Brienne Dress, $218, Reformation

Need fruit earrings to go along with all of your other picnic fashion pieces? She some here.

2. The Sunnies

Kelsey Sunnies, $29, Belmto

The cutest little sunglasses to block the sun.

3. The Wicker Bag

Le Sable Straw Bag, $48, Free People

Leave it to Free People to provide the perfect picnic day bag. We love this straw bag and can see using it everyday this spring/summer.

4. The Sandal

Pool Slide Sandal, $98, Free People

These shoes are chic and are going to be easy to take on and off when you're playing in the grass.

Picnic chic! We can't wait to have a fun day in the sun.

Want fruit earrings to pair with your new pieces, we found some for you here?

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L & L Original (1); Courtesy brands (4)

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