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How To Get Rihanna's Cool Coachella Cowboy Look

The '60s started it — or so she said. But, as far as we're concerned, you've got no one but Rihanna to thank for this latest trend. The fashion icon and singer made her #Chella18 debut wearing an all-white cowboy-inspired look with very mod '60s hair and makeup — so prepare to see buckles, white leather and more cowboy inspired fashion everywhere.

All we have to say is Yee haw! Because we couldn't be more on-board with this western fashion look.

It's hard to deny Rihanna's influence on fashion. Tom Ford has even said her Instagram account was the "most important thing in fashion," and the phrase, "it's ugly until Rihanna decides it's not" didn't become Twitter famous for nothing. It's just the truth.

So, without further ado — your new favorite ~lewk~ c/o badgalriri:

Cowboy chic!

What a show-stopping moment. RiRi strikes again!

Now, obviously — it's not easy to recreate a RiRi original without that Rihanna cash flow, but you can find pieces that mimic her vibe.

We've rounded up items that will deliver the #chella18 feels in no time. Take a look:

1. Western Shirt With Metal Fringe

Zara always comes through with the most trendy pieces. This metallic fringe top will have you feeling like a western bad ass in no time!

2. Belted Jeans

You'll likely see pants with buckles running along the sides everywhere now that Rihanna's worn a pair — but until this trickles down to fast fashion, you can shop this super cool of belted jeans from Topshop. You're welcome.

3. White Pants

I AM GIA Eclipse Pants, $130, Dolls Kill

Of course, these leather-looking white pants come pretty close to recreating the look, too. So, these may be the next item to make its way to your closet.

4. Cowboy T-Shirt Dress

If you're more into Rihanna's overall outlaw vibe as opposed to shopping similar pieces, you could always go with this cowboy t-shirt dress, which comes with that bolo tie. We're fairly certain Rihanna would approve!

5. Buckle Boot

Talia Buckle Ankle Boot, $49, Urban Outfitters

These buckle booties have the perfect amount of western flair to complete your look. These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do!

Want even more tips to achieve Rihanna-status looks? Find out how to get her dewy Vogue cover look just in time for the spring and summer seasons!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: @badgalriri/Instagram (3); Courtesy Brands (5)

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