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Lidstar Review: Say Hello To Your New Favorite Eye Shadow

The Labels & Lacquer girls are huge fans of Glossier, so we were obviously excited when we found out they were launching eye shadows — just another way for us to be able to incorporate effortless beauty products into our routine, you know?

We were all for the ide of one swipe eye shadow that stays put, and that’s what Glossier was promising to deliver with Lidstar. Annnd to the surprise of no one really, that’s exactly what they’ve been able to do.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to test out a few of the shades so far, and I’ve gotta say — I’m pretty in love with this product. I definitely not an expert at applying eye shadow, no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch, so I need something that’s going to be forgiving and look good no matter what. If you’re the same way — you need to get Lidstar in your beauty bag, too.

Before we get into the application process, let’s take a minute to appreciate the packaging. Glossier is the best at delivering products that are just as Instagrammable as they are wearable, and it’s something we really appreciate about the brand. Lidstar looks like an adorable little test tube, and the top unscrews to reveal a wand and doe-foot applicator.

The applicator allows you to gently swipe product across your lid and then use your finger to easily blend. The color is buildable so that you can wear as much or as little as you’d like on your lid. So, whether you’re going for a minimal look or full glam — Lidstar will be your best friend.

I’ve tried the shades Moon, Herb and Fawn in my personal beauty routine, and I’ve absolutely loved each one.

From top to bottom: Moon, Herb and Fawn.

Moon is a very subtle shade that’s great as a highlight shade (sweep that stuff under your brow bone!) or as a very minimal all-over barely there color and sparkle addition.

Here's what it looks like on:

Look at that sparkle!

It's perfect for that no makeup makeup look.

Herb is a great earthy tone that’s green with gold sparkle, and it’s one of my personal favorites. In this photo I used it paired with ColourPop’s 8 Track powder. *Pro Tip* Lidstar is great as a base if you’re going to build out your eye look with powder shades because it stays put. It can definitely be used as a primer of sorts for your lid!

Here’s the shade when paired with 8 Track:

This golden-green made a great topper!

It gives such a great mossy color!

I added Herb all over and went in with a layer of 8 track just on the eye lid.

I love the gold-green shade it created.

And it gets more subtle the closer it gets to my brow bone, which keeps it from being too over the top for my taste. Plus, it was so easy to do! No eye shadow skills required!

This is what Herb looks like on its own:

As you can tell, this is just a bit more subtle than when its paired with a powder shadow on top.

That great moss hue is still present, though. Just a little less opaque. So, you can play around with thickness and find a look that works for you!

And here’s the lovely lilac-colored Fawn shade all on its own:

This smokey purple is so pretty!

I layered it on thicker on the outer corners and let it get more subtle as it moved in. All with a few swipes and dabs of my finger! Glam made oh-so easy!

This stuff lasts for hours without creasing, too. So, if you’re wondering if Lidstar is worth a purchase — we highly recommend. Because yes, indeed — Glossier’s gone and done it again!

If you’re interested in testing out Lidstar and saving 20% in the process, you can use this link to score yourself a discount. Bargain beauty is the best, after all!

Want to know how we feel about more Glossier products? The love fest continues as we review Glossier You, Glossier Stretch Concealer and more on the blog!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L & L Originals (15); Courtesy Glossier (1)

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