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These Sunglasses Are Bella And Gigi-Worthy

If Bella and Gigi Hadid are spotted wearing a certain brand — then you can guarantee that brand is cooler than cool. Recently, the stylish sisters were spotted wearing sunglasses designed by Poppy Lissiman, and now — we couldn't be more in love with the label.

We'd never heard of Poppy Lissiman before the sisters were spotted rocking pairs of sunnies from the brand, so thanks for the intro Bella and Gigi! After spending quite some time on the Poppy Lissiman site, we're happy to report that the brand not only makes sunglasses, but so much more, too. Everything from handbags to keychains — so count on them to take your accessory game to the next level. Even better? They're actually pretty affordable!

It's always tricky to shop the brands that Bella and Gigi love without a supermodel budget, but not with Poppy Lissiman. If you can afford to drop $98 on a pair of sunglasses, then these super cool shades can also be yours!

This is the pair that Bella was spotted in:

How funky are these all-red frames?

They're called Le Skinny in Strawberry, and they're available for $98.

Le Skinny Strawberry, $98, Poppy Lissiman

All-red everything! Love it.

Meanwhile, Gigi's been spotted in the sleek black version of these, while also cuddling a dog:

These are simply called Le Skinny, and they retail for the same price.

Le Skinny, $98, Poppy Lissiman

These are so chic it hurts.

Ok, we're officially obsessed — are you? If so, you're definitely going to want to check out the Poppy Lissiman website because they've got more things like this in store:

Thank You Tote, $105, Poppy Lissiman

This bag is everything. It's perfect for tossing all of your belongings into — maintaining your effortless style, all the while.

Galaxy Choker Necklace, $115, Poppy Lissiman

And this celestial choker? We. want. it. now.

There's plenty more where that came from, and you have Bella, Gigi and well — us — to thank for your newest brand obsession. You're welcome! ;)

Dying to shop more sunnies to get your spring wardrobe ready? Check out even more shades that we totally approve of.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: bhadidupdate/Twitter (1); gigihadid/Instagram (1); Courtesy Poppy LIssiman (4)

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