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ColourPop's Launching Lipstick, And We Couldn't Be More Excited

If being ColourPop fans has taught us anything it's that they know how to do affordable beauty unlike any other. Their products are often less than $10, but pack a whole lotta bang for the buck. They rival much more expensive brands in terms of quality, and that's why we'll forever remain fans of this brand.

After quite a bit of teasing online, ColourPop has finally announced what they're upcoming product launch will include — lipsticks! And we're not talking about liquid lipsticks here either. Oh no, they're creating traditional, roll it out of a shiny tube lipsticks, and we couldn't be more excited for it.

In a YouTube video released by the brand, the co-founder and President of ColourPop called lipstick the "holy grail" of makeup, and she's definitely right about that. Lipstick is as classic as it gets, and it's important for it to be done right.

You want a lipstick to glide smoothly when applied, be loaded with pigment and be as long-lasting as possible. If they're upcoming lipsticks are anywhere near as good as their other products, we have a feeling ColourPop will absolutely deliver.

They're calling the lipsticks Lux Lipsticks, so they're already off to a great start, if you ask us! What a great name for a lipstick line — seriously!

The brand hasn't officially announced when the lipsticks will officially hit their online site, but they do have a place where you can enter your email to sign up for more information. And trust us — you'll want to get all of the deets on this line as soon as they're ready to share them.

Who else is ready to get their hands on these lippies THE MOMENT they launch? Yeah, we'll be right there with you in that virtual line. Waiting... just waiting for the day ColourPop will change our beauty routines for the better (once again!).

Want to see our reviews of the ColourPop products we heart most? Check out this article about comparing Glossier's concealer to the ColourPop version and then see what we think about the ColourPop pressed shadow palettes.

UPDATE: The brand announced the lipsticks will be $7 and launch on Jan. 31!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (2); Colourpopcosmetics/YouTube (1)

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