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8 Hats To Wear All 2018

The Labels and Lacquer girls have been loving cabbie hats and berets. Augusta actually bought me a really cute Cabbie Hat that I will truly be wearing everywhere!! Hats are such a great winter accessory. They are practical, but really chic at the same time!

We have never really been hat wearers in the past. But Augusta wanted my Topshop Cabbie hat to be a tester for us to try on and see if we liked it. The hat actually looked so great on both of us. It got us excited to be shopping/wearing hats all season long.

Augusta wanted to pick herself out a Cabbie Hat/Baker's Boy hat to have of her own. We were both doing winter cap research, we decided to form it into a L & L post ;) We hope this inspires you to add to your very own collection! It is going to be a COLD winter, so stock up now!

1. Cabbie Hat

Chain Rim Newsboy Hat, $29.90, Express

Taxi! We just can't help but picture hailing a cab in style in this hat.

2. Du Jour Beret

Du Jour Beret, $28, Free People

This red beret (comes in a lot of great colors too) is so chic! Very Parisian, which is what we always aim to be!!

3. Sequin Beanie

We don't typically wear beanies, but we are open-minded when it is freezing (or below) freezing outside. And we figured you can't go wrong with a sequin beanie!

4. Snap Cap

Brixton Brood Snap Cap, $35, Urban Outfitters

This snap cap is a slightly different shape to the Newsboy hat/ Cabbie hats we love! We also love the pattern.

5. Faux Fur Hat

Everything is more luxurious with faux fur!

6. Black Faux Leather Beret

Black Faux Leather Beret, $14, Missguided

There are several faux fur hats you can find this winter and we definitely are eyeing this one from Missguided.

7. Leopard Bucket

Mary Kate Leopard Bucket, $68, Free People

This print is amazing! The name of the hat is "Mary Kate Leopard Bucket," we think MK Olsen would approve of this hat too.

8. Baker Boy Hat In Metallic

We had to find something metallic to add to the round-up to brighten your winter.

Are you interested in trying some of this berets and cabbie hats too??

Find more cold weather gear to get you through the winter season: here!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (8); L&L Original (1)

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