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These Boots Were Made For Walking (In The Snow)

It seems it is snowing everywhere right now! Even in Southern cities where it doesn't snow often. That means it is time to get some shoes that are geared for this colder weather. Snow boots aren't always the cutest accessory. Because they are more about being practical than fashionable. But we were on a mission the change that!

We found a variety of colors and styles. Some with faux fur insides for extra coziness. Then other have faux fur details. You can even find pairs with heels that have track soles, to make walking in the snow in heels actually possible.

The Labels and Lacquer girls live in very cold climates now. So this guide is going to be very helpful to us and hopefully to you too! This winter you are going to need stylish boots you can rely on!

1. Winter White

Totes Lisa Snow Boots, $49.99, DSW

We love that the snow will blend in with these white boots! Plus it is lined with faux fur to provide extra warmth.

2. Boots With The Fur

Steve Madden Alaska Boots, $99.95, Steve Madden

These boots with faux fur come in black and nude colors. You can get both to be able to match your snow boots to your various wardrobe pieces.

3. Bold Red

Suede and Leather Snow Boots, $269, Luis Aviaroma

We are loving this bold red color. You are sure to stand out in that white snow. However, these shoes are suede and leather, so we are not sure how that will fare in the snow.

4. Boots With A Slight Heel

This is the perfect heel height to be able to stomp around in this winter.

5. Patent Leather

Patent Leather Snow Boots, $195, & Other Stories

We are obsessed with patent leather!! These are our fave pair in the round-up!

6. Ankle Boots With Track Soles

We wanted to switch it up from your typical winter shoes with these ankle boots. The track soles are perfect for when the ground is icy.

See, we found practical and stylish boots!!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Ross Kohn/Unsplash (1); Courtesy brands (6)

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