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KKW Fragrance Crystal Gardenia: The Review

Kim Kardashian West really is a savvy business woman. She knows what she's doing when it comes to the beauty and fragrance world. Kim reportedly grossed $10 million dollars from her first fragrance launch. And people — this is without anyone ever actually smelling the perfume. Fans adore her and know if KKW puts her name on a product it's bound to be amazing.

Yes, the L & L girls were some of those fans. I am always looking for a signature scent. I've tried several perfumes and nothing feels quite like the perfect scent for me to continuously buy. But I am loving Augusta's choice of perfume right now, Glossier You. I was just so intrigued by all of Kim's product ads for the perfume and it just really seemed to fit her new vibe. We haven't purchased a contour kit or any other products from her brand, but we know they're worth the hype. Plus again, I was in the market for a new perfume — insert KKW Crystal Gardenia.

All three of the KKW Scents

I was lucky to snag this perfume before they sold out. I chose to order the scent Crystal Gardenia. The other two signature scents are Crystal Gardenia Oud and Crystal Gardenia Citrus. I figured since I had never actually smelled the perfume, I would choose the simple scent without other flavor additions first before trying the others. According to the KKW Beauty Instagram The perfume "... has top notes of gardenia, water lily and tuberose." After see all the perfume imagery and reading all the descriptions, I was hooked. I also loved the concept behind the crystals being packaged with each perfume and having a specific meaning.

Crystal Gardenia, $35-60, KKW Fragrance

Crystal Gardenia did not disappoint. If you have ever smelled a gardenia, it smells EXACTLY like that. That really just is the best way to describe the scent. We happen to love that flower and the way it smells. The perfume just seems like you are in a floral garden full of gardenias, really. It is strong when you first put it on, but fades a little throughout the day. But the gardenia smell still lingers on your skin and smells amazing.

I do think this could be my new signature scent!! I do really love it. It's very light but still has a strong scent. Plus, I'm really looking forward to trying the other variations of the Crystal Gardenia perfume!

The Unboxing

Kim really thought of everything down to the last detail. The bottle shape is really unique and looks like a crystal. She even included 3 tiny crystals with purchase. The card for clear quartz reads, "Awakens--an amplifier of energy brings balance and alignment to all areas of the mind and body."

As far as perfumes go I feel like it is actually affordable. The 30 mL is $35 and the 75 mL $60. I ordered the 30mL before I fully committed to the scent.

We recommend trying this scent out, if you haven't yet! I am very excited to finish this scent till the last drop and try the others crystal gardenia scents KKW carries. If you already have a go-to that you love, one can never have too many perfumes.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: kkwfragrance/instagram (2) L&L Originals (4)

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