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Cozy Up In Chenille This Fall

You’ll live in cozy sweaters this season, and considering chenille is on-trend for fall 2017, there’s really no reason to wear any other fabric. Forget wool sweaters that can be itchy! Make way for butter-y soft and smooth wares in your wardrobe this season.

In case you're unfamiliar, chenille is a type of yarn that has a velvet-y texture. The word "chenille" means caterpillar in French, so as you can imagine, the yarn is oh-so fuzzy and soft, like its namesake.

Shop chenille cardigans, cable knits, turtlenecks and more to make sure every warm item in your wardrobe now comes with this ultra soft feeling.

Retailers such as Zara, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 are carrying long-sleeved chenille items — so you know they’re in. It’s going to be hard to resist a purchase when your favorite stores are carrying them, so go on and give in. We promise you — you won’t regret being all wrapped up in something this incredibly soft.

The more chenille, the better. So, let’s get to shopping, shall we?

1. Cropped Chenille

Cropped Chenille Sweater, $15.90, Forever 21

Pair this with some high-waisted jeans and a cute pair of heeled boots and consider your fall wardrobe complete. Seriously — what else could you need?

2. Oversized Chenille Sweater

You'll be oh-so snuggly in this oversized number. Throw it on in the morning and cozy up on your couch because when it's chilly out — leaving the house is so overrated.

3. Round Neck Chenille Sweater

Chenille Sweater, $69.50, Lou & Grey

Showing a little shoulder is a must in our book, so you'll look great with this round-neck sweater hanging on you just so. Dress it up or down — there's no wrong way to wear a piece that's this simple and sexy at the same time.

4. Chenille Cardigan

Plush Chenille Cardigan, $59, Urban Outfitters

Cardigans are easy to throw on with anything and everything, and that's precisely what you'll do with this piece this season. Wear. it. everywhere. You won't want to take off something this soft. Pair it with a dainty lace bodysuit underneath for the perfect night out ensemble this season.

5. Chenille Sweatshirt

Catch Me Outside Sweatshirt, $128, Free People

From the color to the puffy sleeve, this sweater couldn't be more on-trend for fall. We are absolutely in love with this piece, and if you've got an extra $128 lying around, we highly recommend this purchase! We're adding this sweatshirt to our Christmas list as we speak!

6. Cable Knit Chenille

This is a trendy upgrade to a classic cable knit. It's super soft and super cute, so plan on making it your new go-to.

7. Chenille Turtleneck

The '90s are in, so feel free to bundle up in a turtle neck this season. You'll be totally on-trend when you do. This one's a little extra cool because it's chenille to boot.

8. Chenille Skinny Scarf

Chenille Skinny Scarf, $28, Free People

Can you imagine pairing this with a beret this season? Even your accessories can be in the chenille fabric and totally on-trend. We're excited just thinking about it! Add to cart? Umm, you bet!

Who's ready to cuddle up in chenille this fall? We certainly are!

Loving the trendy pieces fall 2017 has to offer? Shop everything we love from Zara right now because it just doesn't get more fitting for the season than what this store has to offer at the moment.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (8)

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