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5 Different Ways To Add Charcoal Into Your Beauty Routine & Why It Works

Activated charcoal is great for several reasons. Toxins stick to the activated charcoal, allowing it to draw bacteria to the surface of your skin. (Exactly what we all need.) It also unclogs pores which helps combat acne and leave a flawless complexion. Getting rid of toxins and absorb unnecessary oils to refreshen your skin.

All of that sounds amazing, right? It is. We researched all the ways you can add charcoal into your beauty routine. Before researching for this article we knew of a few charcoal products. The first is a facial cleanser from Lush Cosmetics called "Dark Angels" is a face mask that really helps with acne prone skin. Darby has used it before a loved it. Not only did it help with getting rid of bacteria, it really just was a deep clean for your face. We also knew the new Bioré strips often use charcoal in the strips to help get rid of black heads.

There are multiple ways that this magical product can be incorporated into your beauty routine. Keep reading to find out exactly how!

1. Facial Cleanser

Dark Angels, $14.95, Lush Cosmetics

We tend to love all products from Lush Cosmetics. Black sugar and charcoal combine to make this amazing products.

2. Pore Strips

3. Detoxifying Soap Bar

We are really looking forward to trying this out on our skin. It is great for reducing: redness, pores, and blemishes.

4. Charcoal Magnetic Mask

Beauty Shield Magnetic Mask Kit, $24, e.l.f. Cosmetics

We have seen this magical magnetic mask in action on Instagram videos, it is crazy how the wand just pulls the mask off. It is supposed to be really helpful recharging your skin.

5. Cleansing Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal

A pore-perfecting sponge combines with charcoal to cleanse your face. This has to be one of the best ways to wash your face after a long day.

Charcoal is great to deep cleanse your skin. Adding some of these products into your beauty routine could definitely improve your skin.

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--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (5); Lush Cosmetics (1)

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