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5 Lace Bodysuits For Chic Layering This Fall

Bodysuits are such a great layering staple. I think it's also a good transitional piece for the upcoming fall and winter months. Yes, there are pretty light weight, but they can be worn under layers and it can help with warmth and keep you looking stylish at the same time.

I think lace bodysuit sort of change the way women wear lingerie, it really spices up a normal outfit. It can be worn with high waisted pants and a blazer. Or for a night-out worn with heels and jeans. They are just great because you can really make the bodysuit work for your personal style.

The lace-y aspect makes your outfit a little daring and chic! Here are a few of our favorite lace bodysuits of the moment. We can't wait to see how you wear yours this fall!

1. White Lace Bodysuit

It is totally okay to wear white after labor day, especially when it's this sexy lace-y bodysuit.

2. Black Lace Bodysuit

I love that this bodysuit has a high neck. So chic and seems fitting for fall!

3. Sheer Lace Choker

The choker trend is still going strong. I like that it is being mixed with the bodysuit trend.

4. Lemon Lace Bodysuit

Ooh this looks this yellow color looks dainty and that it could be the perfect layering piece for fall.

5. One Shoulder Bodysuit

I'm all about anything one shoulder right now! So when we saw this one shoulder bodysuit, I just feel like I've got to have it.

Lace bodysuits for all styles! We love this fashion staple of the moment and highly recommend adding these to your wardrobes!

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--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (5); lulus/instagram (1)

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