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10 Fall Essentials To Shop From Zara Now

Zara is always on top of it when it comes to being trendy. The designers research designer runway collections and have can have styles similar almost instantly. We are so excited it is finally fall and that means fall dressing! Rejoice. We absolutely love to layer. Cozy sweaters, coats, cardigans... we get excited just thinking about it.

We online shop regularly, even if we don't end up making a purchase. We like to take screenshots to remember and sort of start our own online wishlist in the process. I recently went to Zara and basically wanted one of everything on the website. No lie. It was hard to narrow down the products. But then we decided to think of what we shopped for as fall essentials. So its just items we think everyone should have in their fall closets.

We are seeing a lot of plaid this season. Not complaining at all! There are plaid shirts, coats, pants, blazers- you can have an entire ensemble of nothing but plaid and would be so trendy and chic. Blazers are huge at the moment, it feels very '80s and '90s to us. And when it comes to shoes, over the knee boots have been big for a while. But now we are seeing them having ruching or draping details with a kitten heel. We also are loving the sling-back shoes of the moment. We found a variation of outfit pieces for you, now it's just time to go to!

1. Plaid Blazer

Everyone needs to have a power suit this season. Really every season in our opinion.

2. Tulle Turtleneck

Tulle Turtleneck, $25.90, Zara

We thought this shirt was so unique. We have seen mesh and see-through shirts before, but never a tulle turtleneck!! And again it's plaid.

3. Velvet Bodysuit

Bodysuits are so great because they are so easy to layer things over. This one just so happens to be in a fall fabric too - velvet.

4. Slogan Sweater

Who doesn't love a good graphic tee? And this is a way to be graphic in the fall and winter months- a graphic sweater. These slogans are so cute too, you can buy one to match your hair color. So clever!

5. Oversized Plaid Coat

Oversized Coat, $249, Zara

Ultimate '80s and '90s power woman chicness right here!

6. Red Boots

Dying over these boots. These kitten heeled boots will be mine!

7. Sequin Dress

Checkered Dress, $39.90, Zara

I like that this plaid dress has sequins, it's switching it up from what you expect. Very Clueless-esque. As if!

8. Double Buckle Belt

Double Buckle Belt, $25.90, Zara

Belts are a huge fall accessory. We thought they would look great with your go-to fave denim.

9. High Waist Paper Bag Trousers

These are just another pair of denim to add to your closet. Because you can never have too many pairs of jeans.

10. Plaid Slingbacks

Checkered Slingbacks, $49.90, Zara

Plaid slingbacks finish up the round-up. Loving these too. They are heels, but will still be comfortable.

Zara is providing all of our fall essentials for us this year!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Zara (10); Wix (1)

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