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Cop Hailey Baldwin's '90s Inspired Hairstyle: Wide Bandage Headband

Is it really that time again for these bandage headbands to come back in style?! We definitely had our share wide fabric headbands growing up. We remember some of our fave pairs have florals and fun patterns. Mary Kate and Ashley proved it was all the rage in their movies and tv shows. Now this '90s trends is circling around and starting to be seen on the "it" girls of the moment.

For example we recently saw Kendall Jenner stepping out in her own headband moment. Seen here:

In Milan during Fashion Week, there was another model rocking the trend. Hailey Baldwin recently stepped out on the red carpet for the amFar Gala in Milan wearing a wide headband. So she wasn't just hanging out with friends in this hairstyle, it was actually a red carpet event during Fashion Week!!

It really looks good on the models. We think it could be a new hair trend for everyone, too. It really is so easy to recreate. We have found a few from online to recommend. But, honestly you can probably go to any drug store or a Target to find you're very own.

Long live the 1990's. The Labels and Lacquer girls are '90's babies after all! ;) It's time to stock up on some yourselves.

Absolutely gorgeous! Plus that Missoni sparkley green dress is to die for!

Another shot in the headband! So so elegant! See why we are all about the trend now?

1. Mesh Headband

Black Mesh Headband, $3, Forever 21

This is a variation of the bandage headband. It is made of mesh, instead of a jersey or cotton.

2. Tied Headband

This headband actually doubles a choker, too. Then you'd be able to sport two trends at once.

3. Fabric Headbands

These colored headbands are actually from Walgreens. We think it will be really easy and affordable to be like Hailey and Kendall.

If you weren't on board at first with this throwback hairstyle, we hope you are now after seeing these pics!

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--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (3); haileybaldwin/instagram (1); Instyle (1); W Magazine (1)

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