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How To Recreate This Fall Beauty Look- Mustard Eyeshadow & Coral Lips

Photo: Tush Magazine Photographer: Thomas Cooksey Model: Unia Pakhomova

We can't believe it's already almost time for fall. The summer flew by. We had fun using bright makeup; vibrant oranges for eye shadows, pink or peach lips, and a lot of bronzer and highlighter. But now we are still excited to find makeup colors that will work for fall. We think of jewel tones, browns and yellows, and darker red colors.

I found this image on Pinterest. I fell in love with the all of the makeup colors. I think the eyeshadow and lip gloss just scream fall. The colors seem similar to the "Yes, Please" palette Augusta has and has written about for L&L. The yellow and coral red color go together so well!! Mustard is such a classic fall color. The sparkle is adds a little extra to the look, too!

I wanted to try and find products where we could re create the look. It seems pretty easy to re create. You really just need lip gloss, eye shadow, and blush. The Labels & Lacquer girls are ready to try out this for a fall beauty look.

1. The Eyeshadow

Two Birds, $4, Colourpop

We thought we might need to find two shadows, one yellow color and one for sparkle. But this Colourpop shades seems to be the perfect match!

2. The Lipgloss

The perfect fall coral color! Thank you Marc Jacobs!!

3. Blush

This is a good peachy shade to just add a slight coloring to your cheeks.

4. Brow Gel

Boy Brow in Clear, $16, Glossier

Here's a little brow gel, just to keep set your brow hairs in shape.

That's pretty much it. Now just do your normal primer, cc cream/foundation, powder routine, and add some mascara if you want!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (1); Tush Magazine (1)

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