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Stylish Sunnies For Your Seasonal Transition

As the summer months fade into the fall season, you’re still going to need a great pair of sunnies in your possession. Just because you’re not lounging poolside anymore doesn’t mean you’ll be spending all of your times indoors. Because the fall season brings beautiful leaves and campfires and s’mores, after all!

These statement making sunglasses are just what you’ll need to make your stylish transition into the chillier season. They’ll shield you from the sun, but with an bit of fall flair.

From burgundy frames to lots of sparkle, these spectacles will perfectly top off any of your outfits for the rest of summer and on into the cooler months. Grab a scarf and any of these sunnies and you’ll be good to go!

Let’s finish summer with a bang and welcome the fall season in style, shall we?

1. Bold Red Lenses

Eyes On Me Sunglasses, $20, Free People

You can't go wrong with a bold red color. The brightness of this pigment is great for summer, and it will go well with all of the terracottas, browns and olive greens you'll be wearing come fall, too. These sunnies with the "cherry" red lenses are an all-round win!

2. Neutral Shades

French Kiss Sunglasses, $60, Quay Australia

A neutral pair of shades will match anything you might wear so you can keep your cool no matter the season.

3. Oval Sunglasses

Vintage Nate Oval Sunnies, $22, Urban Outfitters

Trendy frames are always a good idea. You'll be channeling your inner '90s kid with this oval set, and like I said—there's nothing wrong with that.

4. Glitter Sunnies

Don't these just scream fall? From the amber coloring to the glitter accent, these are begging to be worn with a scarf and a baggy sweater.

5. Oversized Frames

Oversized Round Sunglasses, $5.90, Forever 21

Fall is when the '70s trends have a major resurgence. The fringing, the platform boots and yes, the round sunglasses!

6. Clementine Sunnies

Clementine Sunnies, $95, Warby Parker

Orange hues are a hit in the summer and the fall, so there's no going wrong with a pair of coral-hued frames on-hand. Plus, blue and orange make such a great combo—how could you pass these up?

7. Velvet Sunglasses

Viva La Velvet Sunnies, $30, Free People

It doesn't get more fitting for the fall season than velvet. You'll have clothing, bags and more covered in the fabric by the time fall comes around, so might as well get sunglasses that match your vibe, you know?

Make sure you've got at least one pair of these in your bag at all times as you make way for fall!

Check out even more sunglass options (if you just can't get enough!) here.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)

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