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Shop Straw Bags: The Season's Must-Have Accessory

The summer’s “it” accessory is the straw bag. They’re trending super hard at the moment and for good reason—they’re absolutely adorable.

A straw bag is completely shabby chic and will fit in with all your vintage outfit vibes this season.

You can carry this bag with you from picnics to cafés or anywhere else you may go this summer—officially making it the perfect accessory for any and all of your summer outings.

Whether you shop them vintage or brand new, there’s no going wrong as long as you’ve got one of these by your side.

You can shop a few of our favorites below:

1. Circle Straw Bag

With a leather strap, snap closure and unique circle shape, what takes this bag to the next level are the tiny details.

2. Straw Clutch

Matilde Raffia Clutch, $52, Lisa Says Gah

The only way a straw bag could be more chic is when it's in clutch-form. This really is the ultimate bag to store your most prized possessions.

3. Straw Crossbody

This cute pink bag is oh-so easy to toss over your shoulder no matter what you're wearing or where you're going. Something like this deserves to be shown off.

4. Straw Basket Bag

Juliette Basket Bag, $42, Free People

Toss a bottle of wine in this bag and head to the park. It's practically begging to be carried outdoors all summer long.

5. Straw Bucket Bag

Straw Bucket Basket, $49, Urban Outfitters

Who wouldn't like to carry a little basket with them everywhere? From the handle to the basket shape, it be hard to pass up the chance to purchase something this darling.

6. Embellished Straw Bag

The addition of flower embellishment take a simple straw bag to the next level.

7. Straw Beach Bag

This straw tote will hold your sunblock, towel, stack of magazines or anything you might need for a day on the shore!

So, are you convinced to add a straw bag to your personal collection? We can't say we blame you! Get your straw tote game on!

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--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)

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