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Your Spa Night Just Got Better With These Bath Teas

You know if you follow the Label and Lacquer blog that we love a good bubble bath. It is just nice to take a little time out of your day or week to relax. We love trying new bath products, too! We have never tried bath tea and thought it would be a fun post to write and research more about the topic.

Augusta has gifted bath tea before for a bath lovers' birthday. She was quickly fascinated with the idea. But like I said we still haven't tried it yet. Just drinking tea is known to have calming side effects. You can even buy "beauty tea" that has benefits for your skin and body. It seems adding this to your bath water have similar side effects. Our research shows it pampers your skin and can soothe any itchy dry skin. (which is key during the summer months)

Unwind a little with a fun addition to your bath tonight, tea! For extra caffeine, feel free to sip on tea in the bath too.

1. Osmia Organics Organic Tea Bath

Organic Tea Bath, $29, Anthropologie

This little baggie contains salt, oats, and flowers. It's just like drinking a mug of tea, but even better because it's for your bath.

2. Moonlight Bath Bag

House of Intuition Moonlight Bath Bag , $7.95, American Eagle Outfitters

Even this bag is fun. Moonlight bath tea is good to help calm yourself and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.

3. Fuji Green Tea- Bath Tea

Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea, $20, The Body Shop

This actually includes green tea leaves. This specific bath tea is good to use for de-stressing. Which we always need!

4. Chagrin Valley Bath Tea

Bath Tea, $10, Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve

This tea is full of ingredients to make your bath extra luxurious like Calendula and Elder Flowers.

5. Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams Stress Relief Bath Tea, $10, Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve

Soak in this bath tea right before bed for a dream-y sleep.

6. Bath Infuser

Fuji Green Tea Bath Infuser, $6, The Body Shop

This last item is for the professional bath tea infuser. This helps your bath tub stay mess-free! But you can still enjoy the contents of the tea bags!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (6); Wix (1)

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