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ColourPop’s 'Yes, Please' Palette Is Cute AF

If you’ve seen ColourPop’s first-ever 12-color eye shadow palette online, then you know the reasons for buying it are nearly endless. Not only are the shades completely wearable and also very fun at the same time — it also only retails for $16. Not bad!

I was lucky enough to snag it before it sold out online, so I can say first-hand, the "Yes, Please" Palette is completely worth the buy.

It has everything from light peach hues to bold yellows, so it’s great for the summer season. And even if you’re not entirely into wearing a whole lot of bold eye colors, this range could still work for you.

At least, I certainly find that to be true for me — who would much rather wear just one color on their lid than try to create a bold smoky eye moment.

All of the shades can be blended and are wearable on their own, in case you’re like me and that’s more your thing.

They can also be worn together, using multiple colors to create a standout beauty moment because, of course, there's a good chance you’re more talented with eye shadow application than I am!

Take a look at these hues in the pan and swatched to see just how beautiful they really are.

They really nailed it with this packaging.

And the inside is even more beautiful. These colors slayyyy!

In fact, they're so good they deserve a closer look. There's a great mix of matte and super shimmery shades in the range.

Here, I swatched a few of my favorites. From top to bottom these are: Champs, Louie, Mischief and Chauffeur.

Annnd...a little closer this time. They're good, huh?

You can even see me try them out here and there to get a sense of what they’re like in action!

Here's an example of how the yellow Mischief looks on its own. Hint: it pairs really well with light wash denim!

I used the shades Champs, Big Cocktails and Louie to create this orange-red eye shadow which is super wearable for the summer season and on into fall, as well.

So, if you’re feeling convinced to make a purchase right about now, I’d definitely recommend you go for it! For 16 bucks?? You just can’t beat that.

The palette is sold out online at the moment, but the brand is known to restock, so stay tuned for these hues to make an appearance again on the ColourPop website.

But, be ready to scoop this up ASAP, however, because these shadows are bound to go just as quickly as they did the last time! Makeup this good and this affordable won’t be around for long.

If you get this in your personal makeup collection — you’re one of the lucky ones.

If you're seeking more perfect-for-summer beauty items, then check out this post about Frank Body Scrubs. Because this stuff will have your skin oh-so soft this season!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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