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What You Need To Stock Up On From Frank Body

We are all about trying new beauty products! Especially if they making our skin silky smooth. We've been seeing these Frank Body brand all over Instagram. As you know if you read our other body scrub post, we like body scrubs A LOT... especially coffee scrubs.

We haven't ever tried these Frank Body products, so this post is to inspire you on what to buy from there and what we are about to stock up on, ourselves. We can try it together! When thinking of what to buy, we tried to include a little bit of everything. The brand carries products for your: Body, Face, Lip, and Kits. We selected two kits for this round-up so we can test more products at once.

First there is a shimmer scrub. This is what we are most excited to try. Shimmer and softness at the same time? Sign us up please! Then there is the Intro Kit, which comes with a body balm and a coffee scrub. Score! Then we chose a kit that contains coffee scrubs gentle enough for your face. The last item in the round-up is a lip balm and scrub, because we hadn't chosen a product for the lips yet...Can't forget about that. Get these products if you haven't tried them and re-order if you are already in love with them!

1. Shimmer Scrub

Shimmer Scrub, $19.95, Frank Body

You will be shining in the sun this Summer '17.

2. Original Introduction Kit

Intro Kit, $37.95, Frank Body

This is the perfect kit to test the Frank Body water.

3. Sweet Cheeks Kit

Sweet Cheeks Kit, $49.95, Frank Body

You're face will be so soft, how can you resist? Your sweet cheeks will thank you.

4. Lip Scrub and Lip Balm Duo

Lip Scrub and Lip Balm Duo, $16.95, Frank Body

The perfect combo for the most moisturized lips possible!

Here's to soft skin this summer!!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: Frank Body (5)

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