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Shop Gigi's All Pink Look Now

We can't get enough of the Hadid sisters. Especially when it comes to their styles. Basically everything they wear we want to try and re create the looks. When Gigi stepped out in an all pink look, I knew I had to write about how to copy her look. Because one can never wear too much pink in my opinion.

Most of the time, the girls are wearing expensive designers, which we all can't afford. But we can re-create the look with more affordable prices and it will be just as cute. While we are on the topic of recreating one of the Hadid's sister's look, Augusta just wrote about one of Bella's all crochet looks find it here!

So keep reading to see how to get Gigi's sweatshirt, pants, jacket, and tennis shoes. You'll thank us later!

1. Sweatshirt

Okay this is Gigi's exact sweatshirt she wore. Because we thought you just couldn't copy something that good. It is an Adam Selman Fall '17 pullover. You can't get your hands on quite yet, but you can pre-order.

2. Pink Trousers

Pink Wide Leg Pants, $84, River Island

If we do say so ourselves the pants are almost spot on to Gigi's. They are pink and wide leg. You really can't go wrong with these pink beauties.

3. Pink Jacket

Fully Lined Wool Blazer, $29.99, Chadwicks

This will be the perfect pink jacket just to tie around your waist. We tried to really co-ordinate all the pinks with these pieces.

4. Pink Shoes

Again these shoes look almost identical to the ones Gigi is wearing. We can't tell for sure because her pant legs are so wrong. But you will be almost a dead ringer for Gigi in these Reeboks!

One last look at this amazing outfit, all put together.

Go Gigi it up in your city!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: adamselman/instagram (1); Courtesy brands (4); Daily Mail UK (1)

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