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Fruit Prints You Need To Own This Season

You need outfits that will match your diet this summer season, so yes that means bold, fruit-filled prints are in your future.

Nothing screams summer quite like fresh fruit, and there’s no better way to freshen up your wardrobe than by picking prints that incorporate cherries, pineapple, lemons and more.

We personally can’t get enough of these fun patterns, and it you’re into expressing “you are what you eat” through your clothing choices, then you’ve got to get these pieces in your closet while summer lasts!

1. Cami Dress

This simple silhouette will still definitely make a statement this season. The bold pattern is fun and can easily be worn anywhere you roam while the warm weather lasts!

2. Cherry Print

Grover Dress, $148, Revolve Clothing

Come on, how cute is this cherry print dress? It just doesn't get more fitting for summertime than this! Wear it to a picnic or a backyard BBQ for a totally adorable on-trend look.

3. Off-The-Shoulder Fruit Top

Off-The-Shoulder Fruit Top, $17.90, Forever 21

Topical fruits and trendy tops? Yes, please! This couldn't be more yummy if it tried!

4. Watermelon Flats

The Things I've Seed Flat, $41.99, ModCloth

Pair these adorable fruity flats with any and all of your outfits this season. Even if you only wear them on festive occasions like the Fourth of July, they'll make a great addition to your wardrobe, don't you think? If your answer is "yes," then we'd agree! ;)

5. Button-Up Citrus Dress

Dress 271, $348, LPA

Citrus fruits add a festive flare to this relaxed dress. You can wear it on it's own, tied up as a top or unbuttoned with a tank top and jeans. Mix and match however you please (and look absolutely amazing all the while!).

6. Lemon Romper

When life gives you lemons, you wear them--duh! This lemon romper is cute and oh-so ready to be worn all summer season long.

7. Fruit-Filled Midi

This fun polka dot and fruity print reminds us of patterns our grandma used to wear. It's got a vintage, yet modern feel and will surely get a lot of use in your closet. Whether you wear this to the farmer's market, as a beach cover-up or just out to brunch, it's going to be perfect for when you're feeling fun and playful.

For all of the fruity goodness you can handle this season, get to shopping! We highly recommend having some fun with your fashion, and choosing prints like this is a great way to do just that!

If you can't get enough juicy, fruit-y products, see our round-up of food-inspired beauty items, too!

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)

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