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Body Scrubs We Want To Get Our Hands On

Taking a little "me time" everyday or at least a few times a week is very important. For us that "me time" usually involves pampering ourselves with some at home spa nights.

We are big believers of taking care of your skin. Our bathrooms are covered in different lotions and scrubs. That being said, one can never have too many body scrubs. So we are looking to add a few more to our bathroom's collection. Body scrubs are great because they exfoliate and if you use coffee body scrubs they are known to firm cellulite.

Augusta got into the habit of using coffee body scrub everyday a few years ago to exfoliate her skin. I started too. We would make our own coffee scrub, a little DIY project for us to have fun with. Now Augusta has tried Beverly to 5th products. All the products are natural coffee skincare products where they add different fun scents like mandarin and peppermint. This just goes to show that we love body scrubs and are wanting to try more.

1. Island Coconut Coffee Scrub

Island Coconut Coffee Scrub, $18.99, Beverly to 5th

If you haven't tried this brand, we are including it in the round-up for you to try now! It softens skin and smells AMAZING!

2. Korean Body Scrub

We love to try anything new! Korean beauty trends are known to be great your skin. This scrub even contains volcanic clay.

3. Posies & Co Body Polish

Posies & Co Body Polish, $28, Anthropologie

This body polish actually uses really dried flowers in it. So we are sure that is smells amazing along with moisturizing your skin.

4. Cookie Dough Body Scrub

Cookie Dough Whipped Body Frosting, $7, Sweet Suds by April on Etsy

Could it be? We searched for this body scrub hoping it exist. And it does... cookie dough body scrub. This may be our first new body scrub purchase. Nothing beats cookie dough batter, not even the real cookie!

Your next spa night can be tonight! Start ordering these scrubs, girl!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (4); Wix (1)

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