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Cop This Orange Eye For Summertime Now With Only Two Products

Photo via: Tabby Casto Tumblr// Instagram- Wolf and Moon SS15 Look book

I found this image scrolling through Pinterest. It is from a makeup artist's Instagram, where all the best photos are found! And it immediately caught my attention. How fun is this bright pop of orange for the summer months?

Augusta and I tend to keep our eye makeup pretty simple. But we like experimenting with new products, especially for summertime nights out.

We thought this would be a great first eye look of the summer to try. Because it really just calls for two products. A nice cream orange shadow and mascara. That sounds easy enough! Follow along with us, and try this makeup look for yourself!

1. Orange Cream Paint Shadow

Here is the orange shade swatched.

We think we nailed the orange shade to the photo up above. This shadow seems to go on thick and should be pretty long lasting. How cool that it looks like a little paint bottle?!

2. Better Than Sex Mascara

And here is the mascara. And if you want to achieve the orange look, try only putting mascara on your top lashes.

There you have it, two products to get your summer eye down!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: tabbyfa/Instagram; Courtesy brands (3)

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