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Food Inspired Beauty Products To Shop Now

What can we say? We love food. And we thought... why not incorporate it into our beauty routine too. With summer right around the corner, we love fruity scents anyways. So now it's just yet another excuse to include fruit into our diets- our beauty diets! ;)

We found some the most fun beauty products for you guys. Most of them being from Tony Moly, a Korean beauty brand. (We are obsessed that brand.) We first saw Tony Moly products at Urban Outfitters. I made my first purchase when I ordered a panda shaped hand lotion from Urban, because it was just too cute to pass up. Then when I was doing some more research online I saw all the food inspired products too.

We are talking everything from a banana sleeping mask down to tutti fruity lip balms! We are particularly excited for the banana sleeping mask. We read all the reviews, apparently you wake up with such soft skin and banana scent is so much fun!! With all these new finds, we are ready for our summer to full of eating fruits and smelling extra fruity, too! Bring it on Summer 2017.

1. Banana Sleeping Pack

Banana Sleeping Pack, $9.15, Tony Moly (Amazon)

This magical sleeping pack, nourishes your skin overnight. Anndddd it smells like bananas. Need I say more?

2. Mayo Hair Pack

Mayo Hair Pack, $11.26, Tony Moly (Amazon)

Mayo is known to be good for your hair. Now you can have all the hair nourishment in a cute hair bottle.

3. Cookies & Cream Hand Lotion

Cookie & Hand Cream, $10, Urban Outfitters

This is a personal favorite of mine. Augusta bought me this for Christmas one year and I loved it!

4. Fruity Lib Balms

Mini Lip Balm, $12.87, Tony Moly (Amazon)

Blueberry, cherry, and peach- the gang's all here! Tooty fruity for the summertime!

How fun are these food inspired products? Stock up now!

Images: Courtesy brands (4); Wix (1)

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