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The Cutest Makeup Bags To Carry All Of Your New Spring Beauty Products In

Things are always pretty hectic for the Labels and Lacquer girls. Whether it's for work or school-- we are busy. We often have to take days out of work to de-clutter when things get really crazy and we don't have time to clean up after ourselves. That being said, there is no reason to let our makeup products get messy, too. We like to keep things in tidy in the bathroom, so we can get ready fast if we need to. Our typical go-to makeup bag are the pink Glossier bags!

Often when we are searching the Internet for our next beauty finds, we also check out the makeup bags. Because what you carry your makeup in is just as important as the products themselves (almost).

Since we are sure you'll be stocking up on all the new spring /summer trendy products, your makeup collection will be growing. Time to find more space for all those cosmetics.

1. I'm Not Perfect, I Contour

So close to perfection, it's scary!!!

2. Marble Cosmetic Bag

Marble Carry-All Pouch, $12, Society 6

We love anything with a marble print, so why not get a makeup pouch to add to our marble addiction?

3. Lay-N-Go Cosmetic Bag

Lay-N-Go Bag, $35, Forever 21

Now this is what we are talking about. We have never seen technology quite like this when it comes to makeup bags. Look at how it open and is just so easier to use!

4. Mermaid Sequin Makeup Bag

Who doesn't want to feel like a mermaid in the summertime? Now your makeup can feel right at home in the sparkly bag.

5. Contour Queen

All hail the queen!

Start buying these bags now. I mean they will be carrying precious cargo, after all!

Images: Courtesy brands (5)

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