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Festival Fashion You Can Rock All Summer Long

Just because Coachella Weekend One is over (and you may or may not have actually been able to attend) doesn’t mean that you have to give up on living out your festival fashion goals this summer.

You can rock flowy tops, ripped denim and all of the classic Coachella trademarks all season long, and this little shopping guide is just what you need to start feeling the laid back vibes.

Shop body suits, distressed jeans and so much more to keep the festival feels alive while the warm weather lasts. Once you’ve got these items in your closet — get all dressed up, crank up the music and dance all night long. That’s what you would have done at Coachella anyways, right? Umm, you bet!

1. Bright Yellow Romper

You'll be as bright as the California sun in a bright yellow one-piece. So, you obviously need this in your wardrobe.

2. Floral & Lace

Willa Lace Dress, $80, Nasty Gal

You can't go wrong with a lace and floral combo, espeically not when you're aiming for a desert chic vibe, y'know?

3. Graphic Tee

On Vacay Slub Knit Tee, $12.90, Forever 21

Nothing says "Coachella" quite like a vintage-looking graphic tee. Pair this with ripped denim, cute sandals and a floppy hat and you'll have the look down.

4. Distressed Denim

Tattered jean shorts are going to be your favorite things to wear this summer. They'll give you an instant cool-girl feeling, and you just can't beat that.

5. Free-Flowing Dress

Tarta Tank Dress, $207, For Love & Lemons

A dress with a lot of movement is perfect for dancing in. So, throw on your dancing shoes and let the party begin!

6. Embroidered Denim Jacket

A jacket like this will perfect sum up your summer style, don't you think?

7. Frill Top

Frills, terracotta color and exposed shoulders? It just doesn't get more perfect for the season than this!

May the music festival season live on! Keep wares like these on rotation all summer long, and the party won't stop!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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Images: Wix (1); Courtesy Brands (7)

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