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How To Take Glitter Strobing From Festival To Your Summer Beauty Routine

When attending a music festival, you do have to spice up your makeup routine. Maybe by adding a rhinestone or two is just what your festival makeup needs to stand out in a crowd.

Strobing is nothing new in the beauty world, but glitter strobing is taking this beauty trend to the next level. Maybe you can't wear rhinestones on your face for any ol' occasion. But we don't see anything wrong with throwing a little glitter into your go-to makeup.

Here is a little inspo from Rocky Barnes on how to make this beauty trend work in the world of Coachella and similar events.

Photo Credit: Refinery 29

Now we'll show how to make this trend a little more practical in the everyday sense and all the products that will help you achieve this look. Instead of putting rhinestones on your cheek bones, you'll substitute them for glitter.

We found a place, Glitter Injections, you can actually get pressed glitters and glitter highlights. You would apply these products just like how you apply highlight- on the high points of your face.

For the pressed glitters, these can be applied like eye shadow, so your eyes can be sparkly all day too.

Pressed Glitters

1. Ballerina

Ballerina, $12.99, Glitter Injections

We love the pink and blue combo!

2. Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle, $12.99, Glitter Injections

You'll sparkle from day to night in Crystal Castle!

3. Famous

Famous, $12.99, Glitter Injections

Cue Kanye and Rihanna! "All of the lights, All of the lights!!!"

Glitter Highlighters

4. V.I.P.

V.I.P Glitter Highlight, $20, Glitter Injections

What highlighter with actual stars in it? This is revolutionary.

This glitter highlighter just shows an example of off the goodies Glitter Injections has, check them out!

Get to glitter strobing ladies!

Images: Refinery 29 (1); Glitter Injections (4)

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