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Our Fave New Find Of The Week

Pinterest is a place we frequent when we have a little down time. We actually find it relaxing!! So whether we are looking for a new overnight oats recipe or just keeping up with fashion trends, you'll find us pinning something-somewhere. We were just busy scrolling through Pinterest and stumbled upon our new OBsession.

It's a pair of pants. Sounds pretty simple, but wait! There is an embroidered detail on the back of the pants, that make these pants truly, one-of-a-kind!! The pink embroidery on the pants is showing a person's hand "crossing their fingers" Crossing one's fingers can bring good luck or just show that you are wishing something will happen! But since the fingers are on the back of the pants it could mean the wearer is being a little rebellious and telling a lie. Either way you will be a total bad a** in these pants.

You can snag your own pair at Backtalk. Backtalk is a boutique in Portland, Oregon that features emerging female designers. Girl Power!!! Everything in the store is either vintage or handmade. How cool?!

If you like these pants just as much as we do, you better act fast because the colors of these pants (pink and black) and are already sold out! The sizes are select since they are vintage pants- but go see if they have your size!

Here they are!

One-Of-A-Kind Embroidered White Pant

White Pants, $98, Backtalk

So chic! The embroidery is subtle but make the pants so unique.

A few more photos:

A front view:

Go get shopping girl! And shop their other items too!!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Backtalk (3)

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