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These Katy Perry Collection Shoes Belong In Your Beach Bag

Katy Perry has amazing personal style, so it makes sense that when she used her fashion savvy to design her very first shoe line she created the most extraordinary collection you’ve ever seen. The line, called Katy Perry Collections, has a little bit of everything. There are sneakers, heels and sandal options that will add something extra to your outfit.

It’s hard to pick a favorite shoe from the line, but there’s one pair that definitely caught our eye. Perry recreated our favorite shoes from the ‘90s and gave them a super modern upgrade.

The Geli is a simple sandal that can be worn anywhere you go all spring and summer long. Not only is each shoe made from the same PVC you remember from your childhood — they’re also scented. Yes, scented.

You can purchase a lemon, peach or watermelon version, and if you’re not dying to get at least one of these pairs in your beach bag, then you’re clearly not as obsessed with the idea of scented footwear as the L&L girls are! I mean, seriously! Frozen cocktails and scented sandals — that’s the making for a perfect summer right there!

The Geli, $49, Katy Perry Collections

A lemon scented sandal would make Beyoncé and Katy Perry proud, so there's really no going wrong here. Say "boy, bye" to any any shoes you might have slipped on this spring and summer.

The Geli, $49, Katy Perry Collections

We'd be willing to bet these peach-y kicks smell absolutely amazing. Peach is great for your beauty routine this season, so why not add it to your outfit in other ways, too, you know?

The Geli, $49, Katy Perry Collections

Watermelon is the fruit of summer, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with carrying a bit of this scent with you everywhere you go. May each step you take smell like juicy watermelon!

These pairs are a mix between a flip-flop and a sandal because each little fruity detail will help keep your toes in place. Between the unique silhouette and the scented detail, these are a majorly new way to wear a '90s favorite.

Perry's single-handedly created the shoe of the season. Slip these on and sip on something fruity by the pool to fully take advantage of the warmer days ahead!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: katyperrycollections/Instagram (1); Courtesy Katy Perry Collections (3)

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