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You Need These Peach Beauty Items In Your Spring Line-Up

Spring is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more ready for it! Bring on the poolside lounging and drop top convertible sessions, you know what we mean?! And since a new season is on the way, it’s time to reevaluate your beauty routine.

Sure, dark, dramatic pouts and silver highlights are great during the winter, but you’re going to want to go bold in a different way come springtime. A great way to make sure you’ve still got plenty of color, but you’re also on-trend for the season is to give peach makeup a go!

You’ve likely seen this all over your Instagram feed because your favorite beauty brands have put out tons of products that will get you looking perfectly peach-y this season.

We’ve taken the liberty of choosing some of our fave products — everything from eye shadow to lip colors that will add just enough apricot to your routine in time for a warm weather takeover.

Make sure you’ve got these items in your weekender, beach bag, or whatever adorable tote you’ve got on-hand for all of your upcoming adventures!

1. Royal Peach

The Royal Peach Palette, $45, Kylie Cosmetics

These 12 shadows will give you everything you need to pull of a peached-out smokey eye, so you'll be set for the season if you've got these shades in your possession!

2. Peach Blush

Sweep a little bit of this coral color across your cheeks for a fresh, natural-looking flush.

3. Peach Highlight

Sweet Peach Glow, $42, Too Faced Cosmetics

Not only with this set give you a fruity glow, it'll also have you smelling like sweet peaches. Because yes, these powders are scented! It just doesn't get better than that!

4. Peach Lipstick

Ultra Matte Lip in Airplane Mode, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

This light orange lippie is the new nude. It's got a hint of color, but can easily be worn on the daily.

5. Peach Lip Balm

TONYMOLY Mini Lip Balm, $10, Urban Outfitters

This little guy is shaped like a peach and will add subtle orange color to your pout. It's loaded with moisturizing ingredients and SPF. So, make sure you slick this on before heading outdoors this spring!

Vacate from the norm by adding pops of peach-y color to your line-up! Putting your makeup on in the morning's never been more fun, trust us!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (5)

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