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7 Beauty Uses For Coffee-DIYs Inside

Coffee. What can we say? It's our favorite pick-me-up and part of our daily morning routine. We turn to this caffeine beverage to help jump start our day. Something that is that important to us deserves all the praise.

Turns out there are so many more extra uses for coffee. You may have already been familiar with a few of the additional uses. At least for us we are all about coffee scrubs. They smell incredible and really exfoliate your skin. For a while we were on a kick where we used the coffee scrub daily.

But doing more research about beauty uses, we found some amazing DIY products. For example coffee eye cream? We will be trying that proto! And you can even make your own coffee hair conditioner. I mean who doesn't want to smell like their favorite latte?!

No matter the time of day- coffee has your back!

1. Cinnamon Coffee Scrub

Much like with our coffee we like it better with a dash of cinnamon.

2. Coffee Face Mask

Image via: Beauty Banter

Clear and radiant skin with a dose of coffee, please!

3. Coffee Soap

Image via: PopSugar

Make use of those leftover coffee grounds by making soap.

4. Coffee Massage Bar

The coffee beans help massage and rejuvenate skin! Sip your vanilla latte with this vanilla latte scented soap!

5. Coffee Lotion

Image via: The Makeup Dummy

Life doesn't get much better than smooth skin and being able to smell like an expresso all day long!

6. Coffee Eye Cream

This product is great for reducing dark eye circles!

7. Coffee Hair Conditioner

Image via: The Indian Spot

This recipe seems pretty simple, you just need to add coffee grounds to conditioner. Hey, it's worth a shot!

Drink up and pamper yourself while your at it!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (7); AnnieSpratt/Unsplash

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