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What Type of Gym Girl Are You? Clothes For Every Workout Type

Augusta and I started the New Year off strong doing the Tone It Up 2017 workout program. We love the TIU girls, Karena and Katrina, so we really enjoy doing any of their workouts. We've been following their TIU journey for a while now and are def part of the TIU team.

Needless to say, Augusta is still going strong with the daily moves everyday but I have kind of dropped the ball with the exercise program. I have been sooo busy with my senior fashion design collection for school, I don't have time for much else.

But I soon as I get a lull I'll pick up where I left off and rejoin Augusta! But in the meantime I can dream about what workout gear I'll be wearing. So this post can motivate you to get into the gym or if you are already a gym rat just maybe spark your interest for something new! We wanted to try and create outfit options for girls- no matter their workout type.

Let's get it 2017!

1. Beach Workouts- For The Yoga Girl

The Top

The Pants

We enjoy a good yoga sesh. We can't think of a better place to do yoga than on a beach. This white top is actually a swimsuit. But it looks so similar to a sports bra- how perfect for your beach workout?

2. The Gym Goer- For The Statement Maker

The Top $27, The Leggings $27, Missguided

If you got it flaunt it. You feel confident working out at the gym! So why don't you make a statement in leopard.

3. In the Comfort Of Your Own Home-For The DIYer Girl

The Top $27.90, The Pants $14,90, Forever 21

We love just using our living room to workout in. So you can be extra comfy since it's just you there!

4. Around the Park- For The Girl That Loves Cardio

The Brewster Set, $34.97, Fabletics

Get your jog on with this set from Fabletics- it's only $34.97 if you join!

5. Snowy Days- For the Girl That Workouts Despite The Cold Weather

The Hoodie $37.50, Easy Bay// The Leggings $9.99, Macy's

Nothing will stop you from being healthy! This is less about fashion and more about staying warm! The leggings for this category are the base layer, so layer your favorite yoga pants over for extra warmth.

There you have it a little something for everyone's workout gear!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: Courtesy brands (8); Wix (1)

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