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We're Loving These Nail Polishes At The Moment

As we wait for spring to arrive and Valentine’s Day date night to come and go, we’re trying to enjoy the last few weeks of sweater weather we have left. Now’s the time to enjoy the last of winter’s hues or to break out the color to prepare for spring.

So, whether you’re clinging to winter for dear life, still trying to pick out what to wear on V-Day or just ready for a warm vacay already, you can express yourself through your mani.

Since we’re someway in the middle of loving winter/wanting the next season to bring freshness to our wardrobe and more, we’ve got a great array of colors chosen for you. We’re loving these shades right now, and really, no matter which one you decide to slick on — there’s no going wrong!

1. V-Day Ready

This pair is a match made in heaven. There's bold color and plenty of sparkle. What more could a girl need?

2. Cool Gray

A cool gray will help you finish the winter season in style! It's going to look great with any and all of your sweaters.

3. Spring-Ready

Sorbet Nail Polish, $20, Base Coat

This brand features non-toxic polishes that aren't harmful to your health. Plus, aren't you in love with that color? You'll have your mani ready for spring in no time with a shade like this painted on those nails!

4. Mermaid-Inspired

Not only is this shade perfect for those born in Jan. and Feb, it's also great for all those who are ready to lay by the pool!

5. Time For A Close-Up

This star-filled glitter polish proves that you're up for anything. It's La La Land-inspired and ready to be worn any time of the year!

6. Glam Diva

Wether you have a hot Valentine's Day date or you're just ready to leave dusty rose in the past and move on to bolder, brighter colors, this vibrant pink is the hue for you!

So, get those paws painted and to mix up your style ins a subtle way. You know, at least until it's time to break out the bikini!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: krisatomic/Unsplash (1); Courtesy Brands (6)

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