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ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows Pass The L & L Test

ColourPop’s not a brand that will let you down! You can always count on them for the trendiest items at an affordable price point. And now that they’re branching out in uncharted territory, you’re going to want to be among the first to get in on the action!

The brand’s releasing two permanent palette ranges for the first-time ever! You got a glimpse at just what they were capable of in the ColourPop X Amanda Steele collab, but that’s only limited edition, so you can’t plan on it sticking around forever. However, these two new palettes will be here for quite some time!

Hi-Maintenance Palette, $18, Colourpop

The Hi-Maintenance Palette is filled with burgundy hues that will give you vampy glam.

Lo-Key Palette, $18, Colourpop

The Lo-Key Palette has all of the peachiness you could ever need!

We were lucky enough to find the ColourPop X Amanda Steele Weekend Warrior eye shadows in our ColourPop Top Secret Bag (you can see the full reveal here), so we’ve been able to give these pressed powder formulas a test run.

Not only are the shades gorgeous, they’re also long-lasting, easy to apply and don’t have a lot of fallout.

There’s one shimmering shade in the Weekend Warrior range and the rest are matte. You can expect a mix of finished in the Hi-Maintenace and Lo-Key palettes, as well.

These shades are really packed with pigment, too. These swatches are show how each color looks with only one swipe of the finger. Not bad, eh?

You can see these hues in action a little more here, too.

And here they are on!

The Labels & Lacquer girls definitely recommend this product (which is still available on the ColourPop site), so that means that Hi-Maintenance and Lo-Key will surely pass our test, too.

Each of these palettes retail for $18, but the newest shadow packages offer a bonus for your money — there’s a mirror included in there, you guys!

Don’t miss out, head over to the ColourPop site to get these powders in your makeup collection, as soon as possible! We assure you, you won’t regret this purchase!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (2); L&L Originals (6)

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