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9 Of The Ultimate Sock & Sandal Pairings

Photo via Nasty Gal

Lately we've been loving socks withs sandals. For us we like to make sure the sandals are heeled. But it's a genius pairing! We've been seeing them everywhere. During fall/winter it's popular to wear socks with heels. But there is something new and fresh about pairing it with sandals.

We had a lot of fun styling these babies together. You can wear these for a night on the town, holiday parties, or for a casual event. With the sock pairings, we tried to find something everybody would like. There is sporty, girly, everything.

Be playful this holiday season! Add these playful numbers to your sparkly holiday dress!

1. Party Time

Knack for Back Fringe Tights, $30, Nasty Gal

Cute Silver Heels, $26, Lulu's

Hello! These fringe tights are amazing. And we couldn't think of another way to wear them than with metallic heeled sandals!!

2. This is BANANAS

Banana Sock, $8, Urban Outfitters

Velvet Heels, $29, Lulu's

Okay this maybe my favorite set, just because of the adorable banana socks. Now we have Gwen Stefani stuck in our heads, but there is nothing wrong with that!

3. All Black Everything

Just You and Eyelet Socks, $4.99, ModCloth

Black & Gold Heels, $29, Lulu's

These would perfect for a night out.

4. Pink Holiday

See the Whole Ginger Socks, $9.99, Modcloth

Fun Blush Pink Heels, $33, Lulu's

Gingerbread house socks are girly and festive. They work perfectly with the pink velvet shoes!

5. Winter-y Chic