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Every Christmas Cookie Scented Item For The Holiday Season

As I sit and watch Christmas Cookies on Hallmark, I felt inspired to write this blog post. Christmas is nothing without cookies, at least for the Labels and Lacquer girls. Darby makes the best sugar cookies. So every year she gets the dough ready and we make the dough and use our most festive cookie cutters to bake the cookies. We set up a little icing station at the table and begin to decorate.

Christmas is known for so many wonderful scents. The cookies in the oven, marshmallows melting in the hot cocoa, or sugar plum fairies dancing. With smells playing such a huge role, we wanted to find every Christmas cookie scented item to buy since Christmas is coming so fast.

We'll stock our homes for the holidays so we don't miss a single cookie scented filled day. With this round-up there are several options where you can smell like a cookie with bubble baths or soap, but you can also make your home smell like Santa's break room.

1. Multipurpose Christmas Cookie

We particularly love the Philosophy brand, because with each bottle is a recipe to make a Christmas cookie. Before your hot bubble bath, you can whip up some cookies to enjoy after!

2. Gingerbread Bath Bombs

Gingerbread cookies are THE cookies of the holiday season. We can't wait to get our hands on this bath bombs to make the whole bathroom smell like the inside of a gingerbread house.

3. Cookie Dough Soap

Homemade Soap, $6.99, Ebay

Fun shaped soaps that are cookie dough scented?! Why have we not gotten these every Christmas? Well we are now!

4. Merry Cookie Candle

Merry Cookie Candle, $12.50, Bath & Body Works

This Merry Cookie will be sure to fill your home with holiday cheer.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Perfume

Chocolate Chip Cookie Perfume, $17.42, Fragrance X

You can have your chocolate chip cookies and smell like them too, apparently!

6. Christmas Cookie Coffee

Christmas cookies and coffee go make the perfect pairing!

7. Christmas Cookie Candle

Christmas Cookie, $19.99, Yankee Candle

Another Christmas Cookie candle for the win!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (7); Wix (1)

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