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Give A Piece Of Jewelry From JoJo Rings To Everyone On Your List This Season

If you’re looking for a gift that’s extremely unique this holiday season, then you need to visit the JoJo rings website. The Labels and Lacquer girls are huge fans of this brand, for many reasons. Now, we know it may be a little early to be talking to you about Christmas shopping— but don’t pretend you haven’t started making your wishlist already!

Whether you’re buying this for yourself, or you’re just looking to cross some people off your list a little early, this jewelry is just the kind of thing you need in your big old Santa-sized bag of presents.

I have two pieces of jewelry from the brand, and I got my boyfriend’s mom a little something from here for Christmas last year. And in case you’re wondering, the gift was a hit!

When you shop from JoJo rings, you’re getting a piece of unique jewelry. You see, each piece is made out of a recycled key, so you’re sure to have a one of a kind piece that’s yours and only yours. You can choose to purchase a ring or a wrap that can be worn as a choker, a bracelet and more. You can even send a key in to have it turned into a piece of jewelry.

Confidence Collection, $35, JoJo Rings

As if that wasn’t cool enough, your purchase will go to benefit a charity because JoJo rings is all about #keysforchange. The organization they donate to changes periodically, but you can always be sure that your purchase is doing a little bit of good for an organization that needs it.

JoJo Rings Wraps, $45, JoJo Rings

During the month of December, proceeds will go to WildAid, which fights to end illegal wildlife trade.

So, considering how truly unique a gift like this will be and how your money goes towards a great cause, the L&L girls certainly can’t think of a reason why something like this can’t go to every single person on your list this season!

Now, go on and get to shopping, you little Santa, you!

--Labels and Lacquer

Images: L & L Original (1); Courtesy JoJo Rings (2)

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