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How To Slay- Victoria's Secret Angel Sister Edition

Gigi and Bella are debatably the most fashionable sister duo! Since the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs tonight, we decided to do a round-up of their best looks from before to after the show.

Anywhere the sister pairing go, they look absolutely FLAWLESS. Of course the streets of Paris and the runway at the Grand Palais were no exception. The Victoria Secret journey started when all the angels jetted together to Paris in style. Then there where numerous moments from rehearsals to backstage moments that we could get glimpses of Gigi and Bella.

Shop similar and exact pieces to the girls now! Grab some ice-cream err... salad and start watching the VS Fashion Show! Enjoy!


Kens, Gi, and Bells- the model gang is all here! You can snag the exact robe all the angels were flitting backstage in.

1. The Robe

Fashion Show Wrap, $120, Victoria's Secret

2. The Bra

The Unlined Uplift Bra, $34.50, Victoria's Secret


1. The VS Bomber Jacket

Fashion Show Bomber Jacket, $89.50, Victoria's Secret

2. The Pants

These may not be white like Bella's, but I can see you rocking these with your VS bomber!


Victoria's Secret is letting the exact pieces being worn at the runway be purchased live. We'll update the link when it's live here!

After Party

The Dresses

After the party is the after party! Okay shopping similar pieces to their dresses is hard. They have the best of the best designers dressing them. However, these dresses do let off a similar vibe that you can wear this holiday season!

After After Party

1. Bella's Blue Coat

Faux-Fur Peacoat, $395, Michael Kors

This coat is really similar to Bella's. It's perfect for the cold Parisian nights.

Now the real question: Are you a Bella or a Gigi?

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (7); gigihadid/instagram; bellahadid/instagram; gi.hadidupdates/instagram

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