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Glitter Makeup Is The Way To Go This Season

‘Tis the season to add tons of glitter to everything. And yes, that applies to your beauty routine, too. The Labels and Lacquer girls are all about decking our faces out with sparkle. Fa la la la la-la la la la!

If you feel the same way, the you’re going to want to shop these products to make your makeup more festive this season. From glitter liner to glitter lips, there’s no wrong way to shine while the holidays last.

These beauties are sure to get you noticed when you’re standing under the mistletoe, if you know what we mean. So, add these items to your cart and get ready to make the season bright! Those twinkle lights got nothing on you, girl!

1. Jewels Glitter Liner

This liner duo is a must-have. Not only does one side allow you to put glitter anywhere and everywhere, but the other side allows you to slick on a metallic sheen, too. Your eyeliner's never looked so good!

2. Glitter Gloss

Ultra Glossy Lip in Furry, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

A lip gloss that's shiny and packed with sparkle? It doesn't get better than that!

3. Glitter Lipstick

Studded Kiss Lipstick in Gothica, $21, Kat Von D Beauty

A rust colored-lippie is going to look amazing on your pout. But, this one also happens to have an added bonus! That's right -- tons of shimmer!

4. Glitter Shadow

Metalmorphosis 005 Kits, $60, Pat McGrath

Want to shine brighter than ever before? Then you need this metallic eyeshadow set in your life!

5. Face & Body Glitter

Unicorn Snot in Gold, $9.99, FCTRY

This glitter gel can be used anywhere and everywhere, and good thing it is because trust us, you're going to want to smear it all over!

6. Hair Glitter

Major Moonshine Hair Glitter, $28, Urban Outfitters

Add this to your hair or to your brows, for a major beauty moment. The more glitter, the better!

7. Glitter Polish

Ok, how fun is this? This combines sparkle and shine all in one. Your manicure is going to be so on-trend this season!

Shine on, ladies, shine on!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (8)

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