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How To Get Your Glossier Party Look On With Their New Black Tie Set

Glossier has gone and done it again! They released a set that you can't possibly say no to! It's called the Black Tie Set. How fancy?!?

The set includes:

  • Their No. 1 Eyeliner Pencil in Soft Graphite Black

  • Haloscope highlighter in opalescent Moonstone glaze

  • Ultra glassy clear Lip Gloss

  • Glossier's trademark pink fingernail polish

  • (and possibly the best part) a black ribbon that you can wear however you'd like

And did we mention it's limited edition? So you need to order this baby, ASAP!

These products can be added to your normal makeup routine just to spruce up your everyday look. Or this set would be perfect for all those holiday parties just around the corner.

Right down to your fingernails, Glossier has thought of it all for the perfect party ensemble. Your face and lips will be glowing, too. And who can resist a little bow to throw into your hair or to wear as a choker?

Here's a closer look at what you'll be getting:

Black Tie Set

Black Tie Set, $50, Glossier

All these beauty must-haves for only $50!

It's definitely party time thanks to Glossier!

Images: Courtesy Glossier (2)

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