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The L & L Travel Tradition

Augusta & The Brunswick Cafe:

Before I visited Darby in New York, I, of course, researched the best cafés, dessert spots, etc. One of the places that was on our list of “must-sees” in Brooklyn was the Brunswick Café.

Darby and I met up there and had a nice brunch. From the décor to the coffee to the food, there was nothing not to like about this place. And even though my stay in NYC was not very long, I visited this café again at the very end of my trip.

This was the meal from the first visit. You can see why it was worth a return trip!

Here I am fresh off of the flight, ready to try my first brunch.

Yes, it was so good, it was worth going to twice! So, I wound up beginning and ending my trip in the same way, and it’s really something I’d like to do every single time I travel.

It’s nice to revisit a place again at the end of a vacation so you can reflect on how everything changed from the first time you were there. When we first stopped in at the Brunswick, I was so excited to see the city. By the end, I was able to go back and think about my trip and see how it lived up to the hopes and expectations I had in the beginning.

It was a great opportunity for reflection, and that’s exactly why I’d like to make this a permanent travel tradition.

This iced macchiato was the perfect way to end my stay in NYC.

The final trip to Brunswick cafe was definitely bittersweet.

Darby had a similar experience at the start and end of her time in the city.

2. Darby & Gossip Coffee

When I first went to New York, I also arrived on a Red Eye flight like Augusta. I got on a taxi from JFK and didn't know what the summer had in store for me. But, I did know one thing... I was ready for New York.

The first day was mainly spent getting used to my apartment for the summer and exploring the area close by the apartment. The next day I had to go to work. But I had my first Friday off, so I had researched what I wanted to do in my first weekend in the Big Apple.

My first coffee shop I went to was Gossip Coffee in Astoria. I ordered a strawberry shortcake donut and an iced latte. Gossip Coffee had the cutest little backyard patio, and the donut was delicious. I knew I had made the right choice.

Fast forward to my last day in New York, I went back to Gossip Coffee. I loved that place so much so I thought it would be nice to go there one last time. This time I ordered a donutchinno. BEST. ICED. COFFEE. EVER!

It was so cool when Augusta and I discovered we both ended our trip in New York the same way, by going starting and ending the trip at the same location. I can't wait to do this with our future trips!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L & L Originals (6); courtesy of @dario_is_Lying (2)

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