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The Perfect Summer's Night In DIY Facials & Mug Cakes

At the end of a long day we really just all to deserve to pamper ourselves, am I right ladies. What better way to do that than a facial at home? I honesty can't think of a better answer. As soon as you get home, throw you PJs on, turn on your favorite t.v. show, and relax with your favorite face masks.

We also love a good mug cake recipe. Because we are you are having a nice relaxing night in, who has time to deal with baking? Desserts can be prepared in a mug and ready in less than 2 minutes. Sign us up! We are going to share a few of our favorite mug cake recipes for all of you!

Keep reading for which face mask and mug cake you want to try tonight! Indulge a little, you deserve it! Get your fav comfy pajamas ready!

Face Masks

1. Avocado Face Mask

Image and Recipe via: Naive Cook Cooks

This little beauty only has 4 ingredients. You probably even already have avocados on hand for that avocado toast in the morning! This mask is for clearer skin!

2. Edible Mud Mask

Photo and Recipe via: Essentially Eclectic

This mask is even edible. It is made with: greek yogurt, cocoa powder, buttermilk, a banana,, honey, and lemon juice. It sounds pretty yummy to me. This mask is great for helping clear blemishes and moisturizing.

3. Classic Cucumber Mask

Photo and Recipe via: Glamcheck

Whenever I think of a facial an image of cucumber over the eyes pops into my mind. Now you can have you cucumbers cover your eyes and wear it too. This mask is good for preventing oily skin.

Mug Cakes

1. Chocolate Mug Cake

Photo and Recipe via: Table For Two Blog

This is a go-to for the L & L girls. We always make this mug cake. It is so moist. How can a cake be made in the microwave and taste this good? We don't know but it is.

2. Cookies & Cream Mug Cake

Photo and Recipe via: Kirbie's Cravings

We are not ashamed to say we have also tried this mug cake too. We are mug cake connoisseurs after all. It's delicious!

3. Mug Cheesecake

Photo and Recipe via: The Caking Girl

A cheesecake made it a mug. This we haven't tried yet. But we are adding it to make to our next night in. So tonight! :)

Who's ready for the next night in? I know we are!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (6); Wix (1)

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