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How Kylie's Glosses Compare To The Lip Kits

After falling in love with the Kylie Lip Kits, I decided to order a gloss version. Summer 2016 has been all about a shiny pout, so I figured there was nothing better out there than a Kylie Jenner lip gloss, you know?

I bought the Exposed shade because it seemed like a super wearable nude color. But, how does the Kylie gloss compare to the Lip Kits? Let me lay it all out for you.

The matte lipsticks are super long-lasting and not over-drying or dehydrating for the lips. You can eat and drink while wearing the lippie and it lasts through it all! So, these lippies definitely have major stay power.

The L & L girls wearing the 22 Lip Kit

The glosses are super pigmented, so if you’re looking for a glossy sheen that’s full of creamy color, this is the lippie for you. None of that sheer coverage here. But, the gloss doesn’t last nearly as long as the matte lipsticks do. Of course, I don’t think people expect their glosses to last as long as lipstick, so that’s pretty normal.

The glosses do make your lips feel good, and even though I do think they wear off easier than the mattes, there’s still always a thin layer of it left on when I reapply. I’ve haven’t had it COMPLETELY wear off, even after a couple hours of wear.

Exposed smells as great as the other Lip Kits, so that’s a major bonus, too. Also, the more layers you put on, the more shiny it appears. But, there’s definitely a shine factor no matter how thin or thick you apply it!

Here's an up-close version of all of the shiny-ness!

As an overall rating, the Labels and Lacquer girls are definitely pleased with all of the Kylie Cosmetics products (at least the ones we've tried), and if you’re looking for a gloss that’s packed with color and will make your pout glisten, well, go on and get yourself one of Kylie's glosses, why don't you?

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L &L Originals (4)

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