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These Lip Glosses Will Help You Shine All Summer Long

Summer 2016 has been all about getting your shine on in more ways than one. Adding as much highlight as humanly possible has been THE thing to do, but putting a layer of sheen to your pout is super trendy, too.

So, even though you may not have moved on from your matte lipstick fascination just yet, you’re going to want to shop glosses to get your lips looking just as fierce as the rest of your dewy face.

These lip glosses are the best things on the market at the moment, so what are you waiting for? Shop these lippies while summer lasts!

1. Tokyo Tea

This bright coral lip gloss will go great with your tan. Slick this on when you're wearing a white dress, and well, you'll have the perfect summer look.

2. Literally

Literally Gloss, $15, Kylie Cosmetics

This neutral colored-lippie will go well with your low key makeup. All you need is this gloss and a highlight, and you're good to go!

3. Lush Fruit

This bright pink "Strawberry" lippie is going to be the perfect partner to your fruity cocktail. Let the summertime sipping begin!

4. EX-tra

This subtly-colored lippie is packed with nourishing and conditioning power, so you're making your lips softer, smoother and shinier with every wear. Sounds like some triple threat action, and there's nothing wrong with that!

5. Tight Fit

A lip gloss that has a metallic finish like this one will give you an extra boost of shine. Bring on the glittery goodness is all we have to say!

6. Like A Boss

If you want a lippie that's got high shine and loads of color, well, look no further. You're going to shine like a boss in this bright gloss!

7. What A Dai-sy!

We love this nude/pink color for the perfect hint of color all summer season.

8. Beach Tint

Fun color and so much shimmer. There's no going wrong with this shiny lippie!

9. Silvia

So much shimmer! We're obsessed with this sand-colored lippie. Feel free to wear it on the most exotic of shores this summer!

Your summer glam game is going to be so strong! Go out there and get your shine on!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (9)

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