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Shop Our Nail Polish Summer Mood Boards

It is summertime after all, and it's time to start showing it-on your nails, too. We found a few photos to reference before starting to paint your nails. That's right, only the best of the best will serve as your nail inspo this summer season.

With summer being in full swing, bright vibrant colors are what the Labels and Lacquer girls are thinking. And what better way to turn to fruits and tropical drinks to look at to pull nail colors from?

The Labels and Lacquer girls love to do our nails, obvs. Especially during the summertime. It's hot outside and we love to have our nails match our outfits, our tropical drinks, or the blue sky when we are laying poolside. We want you to be able to have summer nails too. Keep scrolling to shop our favorite summer nail colors!

1. Pineapples To Oranges

Pineapple and an orange against a bright blue background makeup the first nail mood board.

Where's My Chauffeur, $8.50, essie

This is the perfect summer sky blue. And we love the name of the nail polish, "where's my chauffeur?" We ask this question on the daily.

Taj-Ma-Haul, $8.50, essie

This nail polish just makes us want a giant citrus fruit to enjoy. Oooh or better yet an orange creamsicle.

All Hands On Deck, $8.50, essie

This metallic green is fun and we pulled it from the pineapple leaves.

Vibrant Vibes, $8.50, essie

There are hints of this color seen in the pineapple. And besides we really don't need an excuse to throw this little green beauty into the mix.

Aim to Misbehave, $8.50, essie

How can you not have this bright, rebellious color yellow to your nail collection? It screams summer and it pulls out the bright yellow seen in a pineapple.

2. When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Okay, we just so happened to find this image. But we want to credit Beyoncé for the inspiration. Well, because, Beyoncé is the inspiration for life itself! Pretty and pink with a major pop of yellow!

Poppy Art Pink, $8.50, essie

If this isn't the most perfectly pink shade, we don't know what is.

Chillato, $8.50, essie

This would pair nicely with the "Aim to Misbehave" shade up above. This light yellow pulls out the lighter shades of the lemons.

Color Binge, $8.50, essie

This shade brings out the flowers in the paper umbrella that will be in all your fruity drinks this summer.

All the nail shades you need to have the best summer yet!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Essie (8); charlotteaudreyowen-meehan/tumblr

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