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5 Ways To Style Your Fav Lace Bralette Like Kendall Jenner

We all know and love her, Kendall Jenner. We can't wait to see what: she posts next, what she wears, or what she and Gigi are doing out in about in New York or L.A. Everyone watches her every move. For good reason, this model kills whatever she does. We specifically watch all her style moments. Mainly because we think, how can we channel a little KJ into our own wardrobes?

Augusta just wrote about how Kendall wore capris. Now we are writing about how to style the lace bralette she has been seen wearing everywhere. And we mean everywhere. This little bra is so versatile. She was first spotted wearing it at Coachella, but she's also rocked it over a t-shirt and paired with a kimono.

We can't wait to get our own lace bralette, because there are so many different ways to style it. Hello, no one will be able to tell when you are an outfit repeater!

Ways To Style It Like Kendall

1. Coachella Style

This is perfect for summer weather and all upcoming outdoor festivals and concerts. This is wearing the bralette in the purist form.

2. Over A T-Shirt

Image via: JustJaredJr

I know you already have a t-shirt laying around the house. Jazz it up a little, Kendall Jenner style!

3. Under A Longline Jacket and Paired With A Choker

Airports don't get any chicer than this! A bralette could also be thrown under your fav outerwear piece.

4. Under A Vintage Tee

Image via: Celebuzz

What's that? We all have been wearing our bras the right way. It's also okay to wear a bra under your favorite t-shirt.

5. Under A Fun Animal Print

Image via: Us Magazine

I don't have a cheetah print jacket, but I'm looking to buy one as I type! As you can see it looks flawless under animal print too.

Shop Similar Bralettes

1. Kendall's Exact Bralette

You have to wait for this to come back in stock. But, it is worth the wait. I mean, Kendall owns the same one!

2. Kendall's Bra in White

Kendall's bralette but in white. White hot for the summertime.

3. Lacy Black

4. Pretty Much Perfect Bra

Pretty Much Perfect Bra, $80, Goose Berry Intimates

5. Be Mine

Be Mine, $80, Goose Berry Intimates

Now get to shopping! We have multiple outfits to wear with our new bralettes!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: kendalljenner/instagram (2); JustJaredJr (1); Marie Claire UK (1); Celebuzz (1); Us Magazine (1); Courtesy brands (5)

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