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Get A Denim Swimsuit Just Like Selena Gomez

Denim is a summer staple. No matter where you’re going (and no matter how hot it is), you can throw on a pair of denim jeans or cut-offs and look great for the occasion. So, why wouldn’t you want to take your denim to the pool, too?

Well, now you can. Selena Gomez is showing you just how to do a jean look even when you’re going swimming. In a photo she recently posted to Instagram, she’s wearing a denim two-piece and she’s got those lighter locks (and those killer bangs!) flowing freely.

She couldn’t be more ready for a summertime day, and with these six lookalike suits, you’ll be able to get the same summer blues vibe the next time you’re poolside!

So much summertime slayage!

1. Denim One-Piece

Seafolly Deja Blue Malliot, $128, Revolve Clothing

You're going to be too cool rocking this denim suit by the water. Throw on a pair of shorts when you're done tanning and even run errands wearing this. Ugh, how cute?!

2. Colorblock One-Piece

Why not incorporate a patchwork look into your tanning attire, you know? That way, you can be trendy everywhere you go!

3. Jean Jacket Look

For all of the authentic denim feels, look no further.

4. Denim & Lace

Add an ultra girly touch to your denim swimsuit with some lace applique. You're going to look incredible cruising by on that pool float.

5. High-Neck Denim Suit

The Labels & Lacquer girls love a high-neckline, especially for swimsuits. Get out there and kill it in this unique denim high-neck two piece!

6. Ruched Denim One-Piece

Coupe Of Tea One-Piece, $48.99, ModCloth

Be a denim diva in this ruched denim-looking bathing suit. Plus, with the red strap, we're thinking this is just the kind of thing you need to wear to the Fourth of July festivities.

If you're feeling these denim swimsuits as much as we are, go on and get to shopping! Your perfect summer-y look is just a "confirm purchase" click away!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: selenagomez/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (6)

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