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Get Beyonce's Summertime Glam Look

Leave it to Beyoncé to go and find the perfect minimal (but still glam) beauty look. She’s been on vacation with Blue and Jay-Z (putting all those divorce rumors to bed once and for all), and we all know that she takes the very best vacays. I mean, it might as well be called a Beycation, you know what I’m saying?

Anyways, she posted a photo wearing very minimal makeup except— her pout and eyebrows were accentuated. She’s wearing a burgundy/purple color on her lips and her brow line was on-fleek, naturally.

Lucky for you, it’s super easy to get her look for yourself. You’ll only need a few key items to recreate Yoncé’s signature summer glam.

So simple, yet so chic. She's slays at summer beauty.

Here's what you'll need to recreate this MAJORLY gorgeous moment:

1. SPF Moisturizer

A moisturizer that will protect your skin from the sun as well as keep you looking luminous all day is just the kind of thing you need to use as a base for your makeup. Go on and glow like Queen Bey!

2. Lightweight Coverage

Perfecting Skin Tint, $26, Glossier

This will give you all of the coverage you could need without weighing you down. No sweating because of this foundation! No way. That just wouldn't be fitting for Yoncé.

3. Brow Product

Boy Brow, $16, Glossier

All you need is this one product to get natural-looking brows that are just as good as Bey's. OK, well as close as humanly possible at the very least.

4. Purple-y Lipstick

Lippie Stix in Back Up, $5, ColourPop Cosmetics

A purple-y lipstick that has a matte finish will give you an attention-grabbing pucker, which is all you need in life.

When life gives you lemons and Beyoncé, you make a lemonade look that's all your own!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: beyonce/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (4)

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